About us

What we stand for

INNATO is an E2E Artificial Intelligence powered digital transformation service provider. Our company features a unique blend of experienced AI Strategist, AI Architects, AI Project managers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, developers and machine learning specialists, allowing us to generate lasting results by solving some of our clients’ most prominent digital challenges.


The pace of digital transformation has been relatively slow so far. Firms need to act fast to remain competitive, but blindly following the AI hype is not the answer. AI becomes impactful when it has access to large amounts of high-quality data and is integrated into automated work processes. AI is not a shortcut to these digital foundations, it is an extension of them. Firms need to act smarter. Firms need to commit to a solid digital foundation of high-quality data and cloud computing, before moving on to more sophisticated AI technologies.

We can provide this foundation, and help companies to assess the huge potential that AI shows to stay ahead of their competition. The time to act is now, more than ever – technology is available, and so are we, as a service provider.

Team structure & competences


AI & Digital strategist

Business analysts

Enterprise architects

Project / program managers


Machine learning experts

RPA engineers

Chatbots & NLP experts


Data architects

BIG DATA engineers

Cloud computing experts


Data analysts

Data scientists


Our team

Sr Data scientist

Marcello Gianninni PhD.

Machine learning expert


Erik Avonts

Business Developer

Researcher & Data Scientist

Bram Van Rie

Sr Data engineer

Dimitri Surinx PhD.


Patrick De Block

Sr Technology Strategist

Sr Data scientist

Thorvald Dox

Machine learning expert


Ward Elst

Sr Digital Transformation Advisor